For generations, the departed have been trapped in their undead form all across the land of Penumbra, tormenting and plaguing our world.The Firelights, who once guided the dead through the Veil, have vanished. But there is still hope.Their last cocoons just hatched right under the careful eyes of the Protectors.You are the last of the Firelights.You must traverse through swarms of lifeless creatures, ignite all the land's old beacons, and lead the dead through the Veil once more.

You Are the Last Firelight

Firelights is a condensed and open licensed solo/co-op role-playing game about a guided journey across a plagued land. It is a game of exploration, discovery, and challenges inspired by the Metroivania video game genre.Players take on the role of a last of its kind lone-protagonist whose role is to guide back the dead back to the underworld after a corruption took over.Using only the most accessible gaming material (2 six sided dice, a deck of card, and a notebook), players will tackle challenges, evade danger, explore and create a map of the land, fight dangerous bosses, search for treasures, and more.

Touchstones: Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, Spiritfarer, Princess Mononoke, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Creator: René-Pier Deshaies of Fari RPGsIllustrator: Galen Pejeau of Assembly Requisite


The game features

  • A beautiful tri-fold PDF easy to print at home which contains all the game's mechanics, rolling tables, and a character sheet.

  • Seven player facing actions to confront risk, search for treasure, buy information, discover a region, fight Curses, evade danger, and getting answers.

  • A map making mechanic which uses a standard deck of card to build a Metroidvania style map.

  • Rolling tables for regions, themes, events and NPC backgrounds.

  • Fully open licensed text available for use under the CC-BY v4 license.

  • and more...

Actual play by Level 1 Adventuring - Full Episodes List

Firelights Creator Kit and SRD

Firelights was designed to be accessible, and hackable. Its entire text is licensed under the CC-BY license.To make your own game Guided by Firelights, be sure to check out the Firelight Creator Kit. The kit includes the game's open licensed SRD text along with many guidelines to help you design your own game based on the engine that powers Firelights.

Firelights Jam

To celebrate the release of Firelights, we are also launching the Firelights Jam which calls all game designers to create something using the Firelights system.The jam lasts from March 1st to May 1st, join the jam today!

What Folks Are Saying...

Firelights is a brilliant, condensed, and easy to approach game. It captures the sense of exploration and discovery in an organic, tactile way, not just with its tantalizing story that creeps in from all corners of this little trifold zine, but within the mechanics themselves. Every carefully crafted word fits together perfectly to take you on a journey across the lands of Penumbra and ignite the Beacons before it is too late.-Andrew Boyd of Pandion Games

Firelights is a game designed to generate emotions. Yes, the rules will guide you in building a world shrouded in darkness and help you explore what remains of the ancient vestiges of civilization. But that's just the surface. It’s a game that digs inside you: as you explore Penumbra, you will explore your soul, fears, and hopes. It's a unique experience.-Matteo Sciutteri of Tiny Pumpkins Games

If you're looking for a solo game to play, I highly recommend it!-Spencer Campbell of Gila RPGs

A sleek and beautiful game of hope and exploration. Become the last light in a world plagued by shadows.-Matthew of Yuigaron

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Actual Plays

Firelights VTT

Here's a very lightweight virtual tabletop to play Firelights right here in your browser. Now, go ignite those beacons!